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About Us

Legal and Compliance hires was established in 2021 with the simple goal of making the recruitment space better for employers and employees. After surveying the landscape and reflecting on our own extensive experiences, we aim to be the best in class legal and compliance recruiting company that there is.

We do this by following our core tenets every time, all the time.

   1. We put people first.   

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and helpfulness throughout the recruiting process. We understand that whether you are recruiting for a new hire, or if you are looking for your next legal or compliance role you deserve to have the utmost dedicated team behind you who will move quickly to cement that next great partnership.

   2. We listen.   

We look for the perfect fit based on your requirements. If you are an employer, we will tailor our search to your specific needs and requirements. We don’t merely forward resumes with crossed fingers. Equally, for prospective employees, we will never tout your resume around until we have had a conversation with you to ensure that our employer search meets the type of role and company that you are looking for.

   3. Our team are legal and compliance experts.   

We have walked the walk, so we can talk the talk. As former hiring managers in the legal and compliance space we can very quickly get to grips with the types of roles that our clients are hiring for. For prospective employees, we are well versed in understanding your background, your skillsets and your specialisms to right firms and companies.

   4. We aspire to find the right fit. Every time.   

Our job is not done until our clients and candidates are delighted with a mutual fit. The aspiration is clear: we aim to do this with every placement we make.

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