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Financial & Regulatory Legal & Compliance Hires.

Legal & Compliance Hires is adept at placing experienced candidates with knowledge of, and highly developed expertise, in accounting, finance, and regulatory compliance roles. We have you covered when it comes to financial and regulatory legal and compliance roles.

1 | Banking Regulatory Compliance

We place lawyers and compliance professionals that are well versed in the banking regulatory compliance sector. Our candidates come from a multitude of backgrounds, with expertise in navigating all relevant laws and regulations. From implementing internal controls around the Dodd-Frank Act at Fortune 500 companies, to implementing SEC compliance controls at smaller regional institutions - we have you covered in your hiring needs. Contact us now, so that we can review your hiring requirements.

2 | FinTech & Blockchain Legal & Compliance

From well established financial institutions to startups in the blockchain ecosystem, there are legal and regulatory compliance requirements. We are here to help you with your hiring requirements. Our candidates have  a breadth of backgrounds in consumer protection compliance and law (including ECOA, UDAAP, FCRA), Commodities and Futures law and compliance, and Money Service Businesses (MSB).

3 | Anti Money Laundering & Anti Bribery

Anti Money Laundering and Anti Bribery regulation and legislation is complex, vast, and broad in scope. When your business needs personnel familiar with the FCPA, UK Bribery or program management - Legal and Compliance Hires can help. We will source the leading candidates in the market. Get in touch, so that we can assess your needs and help you.

4 | Internal Audit

Compliance starts with internal controls, and the success of the application of those controls is predicated on your Internal Audit function. We source strategic thinkers, leaders and continuous improvement experts in this field, so you can rest assured that your regulatory compliance function continues to improve and lowers your risk exposure. Reach out to us, to begin the discussion on your next Internal Audit hire.

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