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Medical & Healthcare Law & Compliance.

Legal & Compliance Hires is adept at placing experienced candidates with knowledge of, and highly developed expertise, in accounting, finance, and regulatory compliance roles. We have you covered when it comes to financial and regulatory legal and compliance roles.

1 | Medical Products, Pharmaceuticals, FDA

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals and products likely require FDA approval, along with regulatory oversight. Legal and Compliance Hires can help you build your team, so that your product can move to market - and stay there. Reach out, so that we can discuss your hiring needs.

2 | Medical Coding Compliance Auditing

We understand the complexity, diligence requirements, and financial risk associated with coding and billing. We assess the same level of experience and understanding from our candidates. If you have a hiring requirement for a specialist, manager, or director, you should get in touch - so we can help you find the right fit.

3 | Clinical Negligence & Litigation

Whether you are looking for a seasoned defense litigation attorney, or an in house paralegal, Legal and Compliance hires can find the perfect match for you. Contact us to learn more about or placement expertise in this area.

4 | Healthcare Compliance Managers & Auditors

Healthcare regulatory compliance requires constant attention. The risks are too great to warrant anything less. As equally as important are program maturity, strategy and management. Legal and Compliance Hires can work with you to consult on your hiring needs and deliver the best candidates to form these critical partnerships. Send us an email and we will do the rest.

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