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What We Do

   1 | Import & Export Legal & Compliance Hires.   

We have a strong history with import, export and international trade compliance hires. From Customs Brokers to Encryption, ITAR and EAR practitioners. We have you covered.

   2 | Financial & Regulatory Legal & Compliance Hires.   

Our global candidate pool is well versed in all the acronyms. From SOX to FINRA. From the FCA to the FCPA, we are able to source and place financial regulatory experts.

   3 | Medical & Pharmaceutical Legal & Compliance Hires.   

We work with qualified candidates that have strong experience with internal audit, building and enhancing compliance programs, regulatory affairs and FDA matters.

   4 | Corporate Legal & Compliance Hires.   

Whether its an M&A matter, or rolling out your global ethics and anti bribery department: Legal and Compliance Hires has you covered. Let us introduce you to outstanding candidates that will serve your needs.

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